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generate more msp leads with a primary cta

How To Generate More MSP Website Leads With A Primary Call To Action

By Hunter Nelson | October 10, 2023

In today’s digital age, your Managed Service Provider (MSP) website serves as the cornerstone of your online presence. It’s the virtual gateway for potential clients to explore your services, expertise, and ultimately, decide whether to engage with your MSP. To maximize the impact of your website, it’s essential to choose a primary call to action.…

Your WP Server Cache Might Be Costing You Leads

By Hunter Nelson | July 12, 2023

Over the past 3 months I’ve been battling an infuriating and troubling issue. Some of my WordPress site’s forms were not submitting! But not all the time, just some of the time. A developer’s worst nightmare. This was having a real impact on lead generation efforts as this was most frequently occurring on downloadable PDFs…

Why We Recommend Page Builder Websites For Startups

By Hunter Nelson | October 11, 2022

If there’s one word that characterizes startup companies it’s instability. I see this across service providers like IT companies and product companies like SaaS startups. Small and growing companies oftentimes don’t have a clear idea of who they are serving, how they can help them, messaging that resonates with their audience and a whole host…

b2b website cost being calculated

Why A B2B Website Should Cost $10,000+

By Hunter Nelson | November 2, 2021

In today’s post, I want to break down a common misalignment between B2B website purchasers and agencies when it comes to website development. Website pricing, like all goods and services, is driven by supply and demand. Website supply is somewhat flooded with drag and drop website builders and DIY options on platforms like Wix and…

5 second test for ppc landing pages

The 5 Second Test For PPC Landing Pages

By Hunter Nelson | August 11, 2021

I’ve been having a lot of conversations recently about optimizing websites for lead generation and explaining a concept called the 5 second test. The 5 second test is a design usability test that aims to help usability testers evaluate and prove the effectiveness of user experiences designs. The idea is that you show someone a…

saas on a subdomain

Why You Should Keep Your SaaS Installed On A Subdomain

By Hunter Nelson | March 29, 2021

More than a few SaaS founders start out with a technical background, looking to parlay their coding skills into a product and build a business off it. Their surplus of coding ability and lack of practical business sense can sometimes lure them into a trap though, and that trap is attaching their marketing website to…

wordpress web design considerations

Essential Design Considerations For A WordPress Website

By Hunter Nelson | September 22, 2020

Building a high-performing WordPress site for your business is a bit more involved than many understand. On one hand, it’s relatively easy to get started with, but on the other, it’s a complex piece of installed software that has been in development by a large open-source community for more than 15 years. I’ve worked with…

multi stage deployments for wordpress websites

3 Essential Deployment Environments For Your WordPress Marketing Website

By Hunter Nelson | September 4, 2020

When starting with a new client on their website, one issue I frequently encounter is the lack of deployment environments. Often times there is only one consumer facing website instance deployed as a production environment. Many times there is no system of formal backups in place and these conditions serve as a recipe for disaster…

combating inbound spammer from forms

Combat Contact Form Spam

By Hunter Nelson | October 4, 2019

There’s nothing more frustrating than opening up your email in the morning and seeing a new contact form submission has come in off your website and realizing its just another spammer sending you a pitch. Spam, especially in the United States, has become a serious problem. You’re literally being targeted by the entire world! It…

internal wordpress file structure and database

WordPress Architecture For Beginners

By Hunter Nelson | April 21, 2019

I recently gave a talk at the WP Jax Meetup group on the WordPress Architecture for Beginners. This is a group I’ve been going to for about 9 months and have helped many people with WordPress related questions. Throughout that time I’ve noticed a ton of people tend to get really overwhelmed by files and…