How To Generate More MSP Website Leads With A Primary Call To Action

generate more msp leads with a primary cta
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    In today’s digital age, your Managed Service Provider (MSP) website serves as the cornerstone of your online presence. It’s the virtual gateway for potential clients to explore your services, expertise, and ultimately, decide whether to engage with your MSP. To maximize the impact of your website, it’s essential to choose a primary call to action. The primary call to action should use your brand accent color and sit in the top right side of your navigation. Yes, this has been done before and is a little cliche, but it’s also a convention of the web and one that users have come to expect when they visit a website. Make it easy for your prospects to convert with the right primary CTA. In this blog post, we’ll explore the various types of primary CTAs and offers that can transform your MSP website, emphasizing the importance of going beyond a generic “Contact Us” button.

    Request a Free IT Assessment

    An invaluable primary CTA for your MSP website is the “Request a Free IT Assessment” button. This offer showcases your commitment to understanding a potential client’s unique IT needs and vulnerabilities. By offering a complimentary assessment, you not only provide immediate value but also begin the process of building trust. This CTA can lead to meaningful conversations where you can present tailored solutions, demonstrating your expertise and dedication to solving their IT challenges.

    msp website with a primary call to action in the corner

    There are a lot of different flavors of this type of CTA and some other options can include:

    • Free Network Assessment
    • Free Cybersecurity Assessment
    • Free Dark Web Scan
    • Free IT Risk Assessment

    Schedule a Consultation

    The “Schedule a Consultation” CTA is an effective way to engage visitors who are further along in their decision-making process. It signals your willingness to have a one-on-one conversation to address their specific concerns. By offering consultations, you can delve into their business objectives, identify pain points, and propose customized MSP solutions. This approach not only personalizes the user experience but also strengthens your potential client relationships. This primary CTA is leveraged by Team Logic IT, one of the most recognizable IT companies, with franchises in nearly every major city in the U.S.

    msp website with request a consultation primary cta

    Download In-Depth Resources

    Providing valuable content resources, such as eBooks, whitepapers, or industry-specific reports, can be a compelling CTA for prospects seeking information and insights. When visitors can download informative resources directly from your website, you position your MSP as an authoritative source in the industry. This helps build credibility and authority, establishing your brand as a trusted advisor in the eyes of potential clients.

    It’s more common in the SaaS industry to have a resource be the primary CTA. In the MSP space, the downloadable content is typically a secondary CTA, but there may be room to innovate here if you’ve got an enticing download and a solid email marketing follow-up mechanism in place.

    downloadable pdf for msp lead gen

    Sign Up for Webinars and Workshops

    Educational CTAs like “Sign Up for Webinars and Workshops” are excellent for showcasing your MSP’s expertise. Hosting webinars and workshops on relevant IT topics demonstrates your commitment to knowledge sharing. Encourage visitors to register for these events, allowing them to learn from your experts and engage in discussions. Not only do these events impart valuable information, but they also create opportunities for direct interaction, further solidifying your reputation as an industry leader. If you’ve put together a compelling webinar that’s convinced prospects to reach out and sign the dotted line, elevating it to primary CTA status could be a fruitful endeavor. Embed the webinar recording in a gated page and again have an email marketing plan in place to back it up.

    View Pricing and Packages

    Offering a CTA that invites visitors to “View Pricing and Packages” can be an effective way to present your MSP’s offerings in a clear and organized manner. Provide detailed information about the various managed services you provide, showcasing the benefits of each package. By guiding potential clients through your service offerings, you empower them to make informed decisions that align with their IT needs and budget.

    pricing and packages for an msp

    Productizing Your Services

    When going with this type of primary CTA it’s essential that you’ve productized your service offerings already before making this a primary CTA. 3-tier packages similar to how a SaaS company might structure their pricing page are a good way to tackle things, but you can also go with a base package and add-ons approach instead. Many MSPs have dramatically scaled their revenues by productizing their service offerings after reaching a point of maturity to do so. This requires a deep understanding of clients and the offers that can make them successful.

    The Importance of Crafting a Specific Offer as Your Primary CTA

    While a “Contact Us” page is essential, using a specific offer as your primary CTA on your website can make a significant difference. It grabs visitors’ attention and entices them to take immediate action. Specific offers, such as free assessments, consultations, or resource downloads, provide tangible value, demonstrating your commitment to solving clients’ IT challenges. “Contact Us” is not motivating to a cold prospect early in their buyer’s journey and that doesn’t know anything about your business. You have to offer them something to entice them to take the next step. Choosing the right primary CTA will be a function of your MSP’s positioning in the market.


    In the world of MSP marketing, your website is a powerful tool to attract, engage, and convert potential clients. By strategically incorporating primary CTAs and compelling offers, you can create a dynamic online presence that not only drives traffic but also fosters trust and credibility. Go beyond the generic “Contact Us” CTA, and offer visitors something of value—a free assessment, consultation, or informative resource. This approach will not only elevate your MSP website but also set the stage for meaningful client relationships and long-term success.

    Ready to step up your MSP’s online marketing efforts? Apply for a free consultation today and see how Tortoise and Hare can help you.

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