- NetTech Consultants Inc
I highly recommend Tortoise and Hare, they were able to help us decide on where to properly invest resources for our digital marketing efforts and did a great job updating our website to follow suit.
- Dobs Creative
Gave me advice about my Google Analytics set up and how to achieve certain goals in understanding my data! I would really recommend working with them on your projects!
- Put R Up Inc
Did a great job with our website, very Proffessional, answered all questions and concerns and has produce us a great site, very pleased with bid services.
About Tortoise and Hare Software

About Tortoise and Hare Software

Mission Statement

To Revitalize American Small Business By Leveraging Software To Create Excellence And Opportunity.

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A company founded on values

Tortoise and Hare Software is a Jacksonville Florida based provider of digital marketing and software development services. We leverage our extensive technical expertise, high attention to detail, and understanding of human behaviors to develop in depth business solutions to grow and improve businesses of all sizes. Our company leverages a balance of focus on short term incremental gains to drive long term results, values we learned from the story of The Tortoise and The Hare.

Tortoise and Hare Software’s Brand Characters


Aesop’s classic fable taught us that confidence and speed can make a great first impression, but it’s the slow and steady that wins in the long run. Our goal is to provide you with a luxury service experience and a relationship you can be proud of. That’s why our development processes incorporate the values of the tortoise. We take the time to consider software design from your perspective and your customer’s perspective to make applications more user friendly, easy to navigate, and visually appealing. Tortoise and Hare Software knows that great software starts with taking the time to listen, understand pain points, discover needs, and deliver a solution that eliminates stress and gives you the confidence to grow.

MegaByte Represents:

  • Long Term Focus
  • A Committement to Quality
  • Humility
  • Perserverance
  • Stable Returns
  • Victory!
Image Description
MegaByte the Tortoise.

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Dash The Hare.


The first thing that will jump out at you in our software solutions are the clean crisp look and lightning fast page load times. Life’s too short to look at a loading screen on your mobile phone. But the speed doesn’t end there. We know that many business owners today don’t want a technology product, they want a technology partner. That’s why we focus on prompt customer support and take a proactive approach to understand your business and make recommendations to help you achieve your goals. We also realize that great software starts with communication and education. We do our best to present an air of professionalism and service from your first call to your initial quote. Just another way we get out to a fast start.

Dash Represents:

  • Agility
  • Boldness & Creativity
  • Confidence & Decisive Action
  • Proactive Communication
  • Quick Wins
  • Sleek Applications With Speedy Load Times

Our Values

Click on the items below to learn more about each value:

Prosperity is one of our core values here at Tortoise and Hare. We believe that every American can achieve the state of health, wealth, and happiness that they desire through the development of internal accountability, a dedication to self improvement, and sharing of their success to improve the lives of others in their sphere of influence.

One of the foundations of prosperity is a commitment to lifelong learning and the quest for knowledge. Knowledge leads to wisdom, a sense of peace, and confidence that can’t be obtained through other means. Knowledge is also one of the key pillars of delivering excellence in business, but it enriches lives on a personal level as well.

Humanity has an amazing and unique ability to pass down knowledge obtained from many lifetimes of experience that came before us. The amount of study handed down from the generations before us in your average prescription pill that enriches so many of our lives is often taken for granted. We want to continue the tradition of enriching the lives of those that come after us through the process of apprenticeship. In many ways we all have a duty to learn from the sacrifices and wisdom of our ancestors by studying previous and current masters of a craft.

Software isn’t all that different from carpentry or other physical incarnation of craftsmanship. Although it’s harder to understand and appreciate from an outsiders perspective than a beautiful house, true craftsmen (and craftswomen!) derive a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment from a job well done rather than external validation. We here at Tortoise and Hare take pride in our work and derive satisfaction from delivering outstanding end results.

Meet the Founder

Hunter Nelson President of Tortoise and Hare Software

Hunter Nelson has more than 10 years in the experience building and configuring software for companies such as American Express, Black Knight, Homes & Land, Verizon and more.  Hunter earned his bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from Florida State in 2009 and began his career consulting for Accenture out of the New York City office.  After accruing significant experience working with Fortune 500 clients on complex marketing analytics projects as an analyst, he discovered his love for coding and building software. While practicing the craft he earned an MBA from Florida State in 2017, and founded Tortoise and Hare Software in 2018 to begin bringing the corporate perspective to small businesses and help them along in their journey to the fortune 500. See LinkedIn for more.

A good manager doesn’t fire people. He hires people and inspires people… And people, will never go out of business.

– Michael Scott, The Office

Why Work With Us?

Development and Marketing Expertise

The technical landscape has gotten extremely complex as of late. Big tech companies are working at breakneck speed to develop new features to satisfy consumer demands, automate supply chain functions, and entertain the masses. In many ways they are working so fast that they forget to fully develop their products and services before building the next one, much less vet out plans to provide support past 1-2 year time frames. Just ask anyone with a late model iPhone. For those not plugged into the industry, planning or implementation errors manifest in the form of lengthy calls with tech support, low returns on investment, or the invisible and inevitable move to obsolescence as competitors incorporate and leverage software and technology as a competitive advantage. Even worse, hiring poor technologists is a common problem among companies looking to invest in digital assets.

Tortoise and Hare Software is an Atlantic Beach Florida based provider of development and marketing services. Our reputation for delivery and support is of paramount importance and that’s why we’re very picky about choosing our customers. We make sure that we can knock your socks off with a solution and support before beginning to do business together. If we can’t match your needs directly we’ll help you find someone who can.

Our service offerings include everything from web development with small business websites, to system integrations, API development, and full scale enterprise software as a service applications in the cloud. All of our offerings come with a luxury service experience and a dedication to quality.

Although every application isn’t customer facing, many of them today are and many applications serve as a competitive advantage and core part of a company business model. That’s we offer ancillary marketing services to help spread the word and get feedback on your product in the marketplace. Our marketing services will help connect you with customers online, refine your offerings, and understand usage and ROI.

Risk Mitigation

As part of our goal to provide a luxury service experience we also provide help with navigating the often secondary concern (after the lawsuit) of application compliance. If your providing a public service via the digital channel such, as an eCommerce store, it’s legally required to ensure your application is accessible to those with disabilities. Also known as ADA compliance. These days software products from the most simple to the most complex process personal data in some form which is why we also offer data privacy compliance consulting services to ensure you are collecting and processing personal data in accordance with regulations. We’ve even built our own software product for the data privacy compliance market, SteadyHOPS.

So, let us use the values of Aesop’s fable to take the intimidation out of the use of software in your business. Call or email us today.

Ease Of Doing Business

It’s easy to work with us!. Learn more on our doing business with Tortoise and Hare Software page.

Environmental and Social Consciousness

Tortoise and Hare Software is committed to sustainability and social responsibility. We support the global community through donations, volunteer work, and discounted products and services for under represented groups in the business community.

Environmental Support

Regardless of whether you believe climate change is man-made or part of Earth’s natural cycle of changing temperatures, the planet is warming and we believe all Earth’s creatures need our support in controlling its impacts. Tortoise and Hare Software leads by example with support to environmental causes and sustainable business practices. Our Atlantic Beach Florida based office gives us high visibility into climate impacts and that’s why we especially love to support our cousins in the sea via the Sea Turtle Conservancy.

Social Responsibility

Did you know that companies with diversity on their board of directors have consistently out performed companies that lack diversity? Studies have also shown that diverse groups also make higher quality decisions than their homogeneous counterparts. Diversity is good for business and that makes it good for the American economy.

Sustainable and socially conscious business practices.
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