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Digital Marketing and Software Development Services For Established And Growing Businesses

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about tortoise and hare software

Software Development
Digital Marketing Consulting

Tortoise and Hare Software is an MBA led Digital Marketing and Software Development company. We help established and growing companies become lean mean, operationally integrated, tech enabled, profit generating machines.

We start with the customer and that means marketing. Modern digital marketing is a complex task requiring integration, automation, analysis, testing, refinement, and multiple customer touch points. Quite frankly, legacy creative agencies haven’t caught up. We’re shaking things up with a software delivery approach in the digital marketing world to help companies make their marketing function more agile, more streamlined, and more data driven.

Once you’ve got customers in the door we help you become more transparent, more communicative, and deliver better customer service with custom built applications and technology solutions. We have a network of technology partners that we collaborate with to make you – in a word –

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Our Core Services

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Make your website or SaaS app stand out with our ancillary integrated digital marketing services. Leverage the power of PPC, SEO, Content Marketing, and Social Integrations to stand out in the digital marketplace.

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Having a polished search-optimized business website is just as important as selecting what your wear out in public. Give your business the image it deserves with our mobile friendly web development services.

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Partner with a vendor with fortune 500 software development experience capable of handling concurrent users and millions of database records with our custom application development services.

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What We Do

website developers at work illustration

We Build

First and foremost we are creators. We build lightweight highly functional user friendly applications using minimalist design. We build marketing websites, custom applications, SaaS apps and more. Our focus is on PHP and .NET (C#) based applications. We are full stack developers so we also leverage database technologies such as MySQL and SQL Server and common front end technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

We Advertise

Great websites and great software shouldn’t be kept a secret. That’s why we help companies spread the word about their products and services through content marketing, SEO, and pay per click campaigns. We focus primarily on inbound tactics via search marketing, display advertising, and social media campaigns. This helps bring customers to you to drive sign ups, sales, and quality conversations.

website developers at work illustration
website developers at work illustration

We Optimize

Closing the feedback loop is an often overlooked step that is critical to driving success with technology. We help make organizations become data driven by using an iterative approach to refining products and services and optimizing conversion funnels. If you aren’t constantly developing and testing new hypothesis for improvement and demonstrating progress to your audience, you’re falling behind. We analyze data, conduct customer focus groups, and keep abreast of trends to help companies develop and iterative and inquisitive culture.

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