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I recently gave a talk at the WP Jax Meetup group on the WordPress Architecture for Beginners. This is a group I’ve been going to for about 9 months and have helped many people with WordPress related questions. Throughout that time I’ve noticed a ton of people tend to get really overwhelmed by files and folders and databases and hosting and all the concerns that go along with getting started with WordPress. I thought it might be useful to the group to give a little bit of background on the high level architecture of WordPress to help demystify some the behind the scenes and lower the intimidation level.

Unfortunately the original presentation had poor audio quality, but I came back home and ran through the presentation one more time on my computer and have uploaded it to YouTube.

For those who might have stumbled on this page and don’t have sound I’ve also added the slides to SlideShare.

This talk is geared towards beginner level WordPress users and should be useful to hobbyists and do it yourself digital marketers.

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If this talk didn’t quite tickle the itch you were looking for and you’d like a deeper dive into the WordPress Architecture, I recommend checking out the codex. The codex dives a bit deeper into theme development and covers topics that are critical to building themes such as the WordPress template hierarchy. Since plugin and theme architectures are unique to the particular theme or plugin developer, I chose not to dive into this area of the WordPress architecture since it will vary from developer to developer. There are best practices but they aren’t always followed.

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If you’ve taken a look at the presentation, read through the codex and realize that you’d still like to get some help with building out your WordPress site, you can always contact us for a consultation and we can help you get up and running.

Hunter Nelson

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