Currently Open Positions

Ideal Candidates

Tortoise and Hare Software serves the technology sector.  Candidates with a familiarity with the tech sector and an enjoyment of technology with a demonstrated history of side projects or hobbies that relate to technology are a good fit.  We have a competitive spirit here and we like to help our clients win in the marketplace.  Candidates with a demonstrated history in a competitive environment, such as team sports, are a good fit.

Why Work At Tortoise and Hare Software?

While working at Tortoise and Hare Software you'll get access to some of the most in-demand skills and clients that the marketplace has to offer.  Not only are digital marketing skills in demand, but our client base's work is comprised of a mix of Information Technology and Software Companies serving as market leaders in their respective spaces.  You'll get access to training and skillsets that will set you up for career success.