Tortoise and Hare Software is currently accepting applications for spring 2021 internships for the following positions:

  • Marketing Copywriting Intern
  • WordPress Web Development Intern
  • Graphic Design Intern
  • Digital Marketing Generalist Intern

Pay is $10/hr up to 20 hours a week.

Interested parties may fill out the form below to apply.

Ideal Candidates

Tortoise and Hare Software serves the technology sector.  Candidates with a familiarity with the tech sector and an enjoyment of technology with a demonstrated history of side projects or hobbies that relate to technology are a good fit.  We have a competitive spirit here and we like to help our clients win in the marketplace.  Candidates with a demonstrated history in a competitive environment, such as team sports, are a good fit.

Why Work At Tortoise and Hare Software?

While working at Tortoise and Hare Software you'll get access to some of the most in-demand skills and clients that the marketplace has to offer.  Not only are digital marketing skills in demand, but our client base's work is comprised of a mix of Information Technology and Software Companies serving as market leaders in their respective spaces.  You'll get access to training and skillsets that will set you up for career success.

Job Application