Accessibility Policy

Tortoise and Hare Software does not discriminate on the basis of disability and complies with all applicable accessibility laws. Furthermore, Tortoise and Hare Software will provide web content in alternative formats for accessibility purposes upon request.

Our basis for compliance, where applicable, is with the WCAG 2.1 web accessibility standard with a conformance level A.

Compliance Thresholds

100% accessibility compliance is always our goal, but, in a complex technological world with multiple contributors periods of less than 100% accessibility compliance are inevitable. Typos, honest mistakes, system glitches, and 3rd party errors can all contribute to periods of less than 100% compliance. That is why we conduct audits, at least annually, to ensure compliance errors introduced through the normal course of doing business are caught and addressed.

We appreciate your understanding and tolerance of the challenges faced with developing an accessible website and invite you to report concerns or request accommodations if you have discovered an issue.

Concerns and Accommodation Requests

Accessibility questions, concerns, and voluntary feedback can be directed to:


Phone: 850-566-9043

Process For Addressing Concerns

Accessibility concerns will be taken into prompt consideration for operational improvement and the development and maintenance of an accessible website. Tortoise and Hare Software updates the site regularly and valid concerns will be addressed within a reasonable timeline with consideration to the scope of the request.

Alternative accommodations for required information can be provided while digital compliance efforts are made.