Why Tortoise and Hare Software?

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Here are some of the reasons you should choose Tortoise and Hare Software as your provider of digital marketing and web development services.

MSP Industry Expertise

The number one reason you should choose Tortoise and Hare Software is our vertical specialization.  Don't spend a bunch of time trying to explain the benefits and intricacies of technology products and services to a local marketing agency who has no idea what you're talking about.  We've been in the trenches building SaaS products, preventing injection attacks, building test cases, creating secure network topologies, and supporting applications and we know how to really describe the benefits of a technology product to an ever more savvy base of purchasers.

We are a tech savvy marketing agency and are uniquely positioned to serve managed IT service providers as an outsourced partner for developing marketing campaigns and collateral.

We Lead By Example

Unlike many agencies, we put a lot of effort into our own internal marketing efforts.  We drive thousands of organic visitors to our website every month coming from Google, spend thousands on pay per click ads every year, and generate traffic from other channels as well.  We know how to execute a digital marketing plan because we're doing it every day for the Tortoise and Hare Software brand. We bring the lessons learned from our success and failures to our clients.

Full Performance Transparency

We work closely with our clients and provide full transparency.  We provide monthly reports with all the juicy data you need to understand how your company's online marketing efforts are performing. We also provide ad-hoc reports to answer specific questions, within reason.

No Long Term Contracts

We are a results driven company and don't require long term contracts to engage.  Customer satisfaction is what keeps our relationships going.

Direct To The Expert Support

You will work directly with an account strategist with expert knowledge of web development and digital marketing.  Skip the red tape of an inexperienced account manager and work directly with the boots on the ground for your account.

5 Star Ratings On Google

We have numerous 5 star ratings on Google and tons of client testimonials.  Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority!

Industry Thought Leadership

Although we are a service provider we create tons of free resources to help you grow until you're ready to engage with us.  Hundreds of people link back to our thought leadership content on the web and we have thousands of visitors every month.

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