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    In the dynamic realm of SaaS, standing out is imperative. For our client, a VC backed new entrant into SaaS automation platform space, this challenge turned into an opportunity when they teamed up with Tortoise and Hare Software, a marketing agency celebrated for its data driven SEO strategies. In this blog post, we’ll dive into how Tortoise and Hare Software reshaped the client’s SEO approach, from competitor research to on-page optimizations.

    Client Background

    The client has a pure play technology product and was a venture backed new entrant into the SaaS automation platform space (also known as intregration platforms or iPaaS), similar to Zapier, however this company was a hybrid automation platform, with a robust outsourced team of low cost offshore labor that could help fill the gaps that automation could not plug with custom actions that enabled hybrid automation workflows. All configurable within a SaaS based platform experience. The client had a team of writers that had been creating content for months with little to show for their efforts. They reached out to Tortoise and Hare for help defining an SEO strategy that could help propel their growth and help them get more of of their writing team.

    SEO Competitive Research

    Before crafting the strategy, Tortoise and Hare Software conducted thorough research into the competitive landscape. The agency’s experts scrutinized the digital footprint of key players in the SaaS automation sector, examining their online visibility, keyword utilization, and user engagement. What emerged was enlightening: prospective customers predominantly searched by application names.

    Restructuring Landing Pages for Searchability

    Armed with this insight, Tortoise and Hare Software recommended a fundamental overhaul of the client’s core landing pages. The new approach prioritized easy searchability by application name, allowing potential users to swiftly locate the desired information. These landing pages were intricately designed to drill down into features and integrations with other applications, offering a user-friendly and comprehensive experience. Tortoise and Hare was able to show how multiple competitors in the space had successfully created high volumes of search engine traffic, in excess of the contributions of their blogs in most cases, by focusing on a robust landing page infrastructure. Tortoise and Hare was able to show that both the current landing page infrastructure for the client was generating little to know search engine traffic and had technical problem affecting it’s crawlability and indexability.

    Shifting Content Strategy Towards Helpful How Tos

    The client’s writers were focused on conceptual thought leadership content that was drawing some engagement on social media, but was overall not worth the effort, and was not providing search engine benefits. Tortoise and Hare was able to make recommendations on content marketing strategy that shifted the strategy to a combination of helpful how tos for common pain points that users experience when using the applications for which the SaaS automation platform had integrations. Tortoise and Hare also recommended executive summaries and use cases for how various teams were using API’s from popular software products such as HubSpot – think “The CMOs guide to leveraging the HubSpot API”. These how tos for applications and API use cases for executives comprised the bulk of the content strategy shift and when used in conjunction with a landing page restructure could yield significant increases in search engine traffic from the target audience.

    On-Page Checklist for Content Creation

    To ensure consistency and efficacy in content creation, Tortoise and Hare Software devised a comprehensive SEO checklist. This checklist served as a guide for the business, both pre and post content publication. It covered crucial aspects such as keyword optimization, meta tags, and content structure, empowering the client’s team to create content that resonated with their audience while aligning with search engine algorithms. It also instructed the client on how to use SEO tools to retroactively inspect content at milestones after publishing in order to optimize the content further for search engines and maximize SEO investments.

    Technical Fixes and UX Cleanup Recommendations

    Acknowledging the significance of technical SEO, Tortoise and Hare Software recommended essential fixes to enhance the platform’s performance. This encompassed optimizing site speed, implementing schema markup, and addressing crawlability issues. Alongside technical enhancements, the agency provided UX cleanup recommendations to amplify on-page engagement and augment time spent on the site. This involved refining navigation, enhancing user interface elements, and creating a more intuitive user experience.

    Results and Impact

    The implementation of Tortoise and Hare Software’s SEO strategy delivered remarkable results for the SaaS automation platform. The client witnessed a substantial surge in organic traffic, elevated keyword rankings, and enhanced visibility in search engine results. The user-friendly landing pages and optimized content contributed to an improved overall user experience, resulting in increased on-page engagement and extended time spent on the platform.

    SaaS SEO strategy results


    Tortoise and Hare Software’s data driven approach to SEO for the SaaS automation platform exemplifies the potency of data-driven decision-making. By analyzing user search behavior and refining the online presence accordingly, the agency not only heightened the client’s visibility but also enriched the overall user experience. This success story stands as evidence of the impact of a meticulously crafted SEO strategy in the fiercely competitive landscape of the SaaS industry.

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