Case Study: TNHS Helps MSP Improve UX, Optimize Website

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    In this case, study we’ll be talking about how TNHS helped a Philadelphia managed IT company improve the user experiences on their website, optimize their site’s core landing pages, build new backlinks, and triple their search impressions in one month and generate multiple organic leads via SEO in their first 3 months of signing on.

    immediate spike in search impressions for an MSP
    Immediate spike in search impressions after beginning work on website optimization for an MSP
    month over month search impressions, showing tripling in one month
    new query growth for msp website after optimizing
    New keywords in month-over-month view showing search visibility for highly relevant commercial keywords in the MSP space

    Client Background

    This Philadelphia area MSP was an ambitious company started originally by a solo founder but that later added a business partner to fuel growth. The business partners were able to grow the business to the point where they both had their hands completely full, even with techs onboard. They were both managing the business and being active in multiple chambers of commerces in their targeted geography but felt they needed to supplement those efforts with improvements in their digital experiences.

    Changing MSP Marketing Agencies

    When the client came to Tortoise and Hare they were already working with a previous agency on a google ads campaign. They weren’t satisfied with the results or the service they were getting and decided to make a change. They reached out to several other agencies who were quoting them 20 and 30k website rebuilds as a precursor to doing any work. The client heard of us on a podcast about Google Pay Per Click Advertising and decided to reach out as they were not keen on spending their marketing budget on a new website if it could be avoided.

    When we spoke to them in initial conversations we were able to show the client that high load times and poor user experiences were likely detracting from their conversion potential. We did not recommend launching an advertising effort. But, we also did not recommend a complete website rebuild but rather a plan with incremental progress and milestones that tackled both website problems and SEO. The client had a robust website and solid branding in place. We decided to pitch them a more SEO focused offering that would allow us to address their site wide load speed issues and tackle optimization of their pages in chunks. We also pitched them idea of building backlinks by purchasing a directory citations campaign and issuing a press release showcasing some of their charity work with one of their partner organizations.

    Taking this approach would allow them to fix some of their barriers to converting website traffic, and increase their website traffic all in one smooth motion, all without having to rebuild their website from scratch.

    Our offer consisted of:

    • Directory citations campaign
    • Press Release creation and distribution
    • Sitewide load speed optimization work and migration to a load speed optimized hosting provider
    • On page optimization for 5 landing pages on their website per month
    • Social media content to promote their refreshed landing pages
    • Monthly site audits and remediation of issues
    • Phone call tracking to measure SEO impacts
    • Monthly reporting on performance
    YouTube video

    Case Study 90 Day Results

    Tortoise and Hare set to work launching their backlink building campaigns, optimizing their website’s technical infrastructure, and aligning their website content with existing search demand in their local market. We also made minor tweaks to help make it easier for prospects to convert on their website.

    The client was very happy. We were able to generate the following results:

    • Reduction of load times down from 10-20 seconds to 1.1 seconds on desktop and 3 seconds on mobile. All without rebuilding the website or changing away from a page builder.
    • Improved user experiences which made it easier for customers to convert on the sites landing pages.
    • Tripling of search impressions in one month.
    • Generating impressions and clicks on high intent keywords that the site was not previously ranking for.
    • Multiple leads in the first 90 days sourced via organic search.
    • Improved visibility and brand presence on social media via website content promotion for their core landing pages.
    • Visibility into performance and confidence with their marketing efforts moving in the right direction

    The client described Tortoise and Hare Software as their “secret weapon”! We will continue to update this case study with more information as it becomes available.

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