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case study for an MSP launching an ERP consulting advertising effort
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    In this post, we’ll be walking through a brief case study on how we helped an Australian MSP prepare for the future of their business. This MSP has built a base of clientele in Australia during their 5 years in business. Their particular area of Australia has a high concentration of manufacturing companies and they had organically achieved market penetration in the manufacturing sector via their MSP business but weren’t excited about the prospects of competing directly with other MSPs in the market due to the fierce competition for IT services. This MSP saw the future of their business as an ERP consulting solutions provider for the manufacturing sector with the managed IT services available as an upsell.

    Developing A Marketing Strategy

    I just want to take a moment to say what a fan I am of this approach. Developing a marketing strategy is something I try to encourage many of my other clients to do but in a lot of cases, they already have built a business that is good enough and aren’t ready to take chances to go from good to great. You can only create so much content and trying to be too much to too many people is a tough road to resonate with any specific buyer. So many MSPs want to try and take over the world by promising to be a one-stop technology shop for any industry, but it rarely turns out that way in practice. You need specificity, you need an angle to work to get penetration in a market and I applaud this MSP business owner for having a vision, placing a bet, and aligning their resources behind it.

    Cleaning Up The Website In Preparation For An Advertising Effort

    The first step in our case study was cleaning up the website. The website had been built by a previous agency in WordPress with the YooTheme. The licenses were all expired and the website’s themes or plugins hadn’t been updated in quite some time. The website also was loading quite slowly. We advised the client on licenses they needed to procure to apply updates on premium items and then updated the site’s themes and plugins.

    The website also had several UX issues on it that made it hard to interact with. Multiple menus, with different pages to choose from, missing menus on mobile, and other issues. We cleaned up the navigation items on the site to optimize them for both lead generation and cross-device experiences.

    We also installed a premium site performance plugin that we use to fine-tune load orders, caching of various assets and files, and several other website performance optimizations. We analyzed the website’s themes and plugins and the files that they were loading and tweaked the performance of the site resulting in significant increases in page speed scores from Google. This brought their site’s load times down from as high as 20 seconds to under 4 seconds on mobile and cut their desktop load times as well.

    website performance boost on desktop for manufacturing erp provider
    website performance boost on mobile for manufacturing erp provider

    These steps were necessary to give ourselves the best chance to launch a successful advertising effort. Website’s need to be responsive, navigable, easy to convert on, and load within a reasonable timeline to be competitive in a PPC sense.

    Setting Up Advertising Campaigns And Supporting Software

    Once the website was cleaned up the next step was setting up campaigns on Google and the associated advertising software to support the campaigns.

    We created a Google Search campaign targeted at various keywords that TNHS and the client discussed as options that may be relevant. As a new effort, we cast a focused but wide net with phrase and exact-match keywords around

    • ERP Software Vendor Names
    • ERP For Manufacturing Keywords
    • ERP Consulting Keywords
    • ERP Australia And Local Keywords

    We set up various ad extensions, and applied campaign settings based on our extensive experience advertising for MSPs and other B2B technology companies.

    We set up conversion tracking for the client to track their form submissions and phone calls as the primary conversion events. We also set up secondary conversions to help measure website engagement and get a better understanding of how keywords were driving engagement.

    We set up user experience monitoring software, configured heatmaps, captured screen recordings, and configured surveys for website visitors to get a more qualitative understanding of how visitors would be engaging with the website and its landing pages.

    Lastly, we set up call recording software for lead verification and quality vetting for inbound calls. This software also helps us report better conversion data to the Google advertising platform which can help tune the bids it places for future clicks.

    Building An ERP Consulting Landing Page For Aussie Manufacturers

    After setting up the initial software and campaigns we ran the ads for a couple of weeks to get some initial performance benchmarks. It became clear based on search queries showing in the account and data captured that the initial landing page from the previous agency wasn’t resonating as well as it should. We discussed with the client and they agreed the need for a dedicated landing page to support the campaigns was necessary.

    TNHS produced a landing page for the client to help them support their ad campaigns that were focused on delivering a sales pitch to in-market manufacturers for ERP consulting and support. The landing page highlighted the MSP’s manufacturing experience, partner status for the ERP software they deploy, and manufacturing features of the software that help manufacturers ship more products.

    Results Generated

    TNHS started working with this client just a few short months ago, but after trusting our experience and collaborating on plans we were able to generate their first lead within days of switching the ad accounts back on and sending traffic to the TNHS-produced landing page. More information will be published here as this client continues their advertising effort.

    TNHS helped the client use their existing website without a rebuild to generate the types of lead they wanted. We applied cleanups and performance optimizations to make the website more user-friendly, speedy, and easy to convert on. We built them a dedicated landing page to support their advertising campaign. We set up their campaigns and associated software to measure performance and create a successful advertising effort. We look forward to supporting their continued growth.

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