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Jacksonville’s SaaS scene is still in its budding stages relative to larger powerhouse cities like New York, Autstin, San Franciso, and Miami, but there’s still a small but growing cohort of ambitious companies providing technology products to the broader market. In this post, we’ll outline a few of the Jacksonville SaaS companies to watch in 2022.


Hazlnut just raised 3 million in new funding in a series A round from local Jacksonville venture capital firm PS27 Ventures, in combination with Atlanta Ventures, to expand their online ordering solution for restaurants who were shocked by the recent coronavirus pandemic as consumers rapidly transitioned to ordering more takeout and delivery.

Hazlnut is an all-in-one ordering solution that helps companies develop deeper relationships with their customers through beautifully designed websites and custom branded apps. Hazlnut is on a mission to support local, independent, and regional restaurant brands thrive. They do so by providing a software template for web-based, app, and in-store ordering solutions. Unfortunately, the cost of hiring web and app developers is a greater investment than most restaurant owners can afford. Hazlnut offers development, onboarding, and ongoing support at an affordable monthly rate.

– PS27

This is an exciting new development and it’s great to see a local Jacksonville SaaS company capitalize on the recent surge in available venture capital funding to take advantage of the rapid growth in Software as a Service development and purchasing that’s taken the country by storm. We’ll definitely be keeping an eye on Hazlnut.

a local jacksonville saas company announces a new funding round


Ecommerce growth has been explosive during the pandemic as droves of bored shoppers sat at home and bought things off the internet. Flxpoint, a company born out of the success of parent company Inventory Source is the next generation of eCommerce software for larger mid-market retailers.

Flxpoint is an all-in-one integrated solution for eCommerce store owners that helps them connect their supply chain to their eCommerce store, optimize their product fulfillment strategy, manage the cost of shipping, product pricing, and a whole host of other features. Flxpoint mid-market solution integrates with Inventory Source.

Flxpoint’s an interesting company to watch because it’s a local Jacksonville SaaS company that’s bootstrapping and is backed by the success of a previous venture which brings a lot more stability. They are following the related linked corporate diversification strategy and both companies stand to benefit from each other’s growth. Bonus points, they are headquartered out at the beach!

local jacksonville tech employees at a saas company


If you wanted to dub a company “Jacksonville’s Golden Boy” it would probably be Forcura. Forcura could have easily been at the top of the list, but I’ve bumped them down simply because the machine here is already up and running. Forcura has grown explosively and now employs over 100 people with plans to add even more at a pace that represents about as fast as you can hire without imploding.

“Since our founding in 2012, we have empowered more than 600 health care providers across 7,000 locations to reduce administrative expenses, optimize their revenue cycle management and deliver better clinical outcomes. Our best-in-class care coordination platform simplifies document workflows, data exchanges, and secure communications from any device – all while interfacing seamlessly with your existing systems.”


The growth of Jacksonville’s SaaS scene in the coming year is undoubtedly tied to companies like Forcura. This is the type of company that is thirsty for high-caliber engineers, designers, and resources that will help modernize the city of Jacksonville. Most companies in the area will tell you that a shortage of high caliber technical talent is a real problem in the area and we’ll look to company’s like Forcura to make investments in Jacksonville’s tech scene to help develop technical talent and make Jacksonville more competitive with other major metropolitan areas in the country.

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