Passive Lead Gen For Janitorial Supply Company

Passive Lead Gen For Janitorial Supply Company

Southern Cleaning Supply is a janitorial supply company based out of Panama City FL. They provide cleaning supplies and equipment to local businesses, nonprofits, and government organizations in Panama City and surrounding areas. Southern Cleaning Supply has been in business for over 30 years but experienced an ownership change in 2018. Shortly thereafter, new management realized that their website wasn’t even ranking for its own company name when searched for. This was making it difficult for referrals to contact the business. They reached out to Tortoise and Hare Software for help.

SEO Audit Findings

After conducting an SEO audit of the existing website, it was discovered that the website had been built, but never fully published and was therefore not being indexed in search engines. There were also a number of visual issues such as broken image links, a pixelated logo, and a poor design. Since the website was built on older technology and had numerous issues to address, it was decided that the best approach would be to scrap the old website and build a new one to address the SEO audit findings and provide a crisp new look.

Project Requirements

Margins are thin for a janitorial supply company and their needs were basic, but after hurricane Michael hit the need to reach out of town cleanup crews searching for suppliers became apparent. It was clear a website would be a critical way for new prospects to contact a supplier. Southern Cleaning Supply was looking for a quality marketing website at an affordable price.

Project Outcomes

A new website was designed and built using stock photos and template design. The new website had a crisp minimalist look and feel to present and aura of cleanliness that synergized with the companies products and met the budget requirements.

Janitorial Supply Company Website Development
Home Page Of Janitorial Supply Company Website

Tortoise and Hare Software worked with Southern Cleaning Supply to identify targeted services areas and optimize their site to rank for the company name and keywords relating to people searching for cleaning supplies in those services areas.

Within two weeks after publishing the website was ranking top spot for it’s company name, allowing referrals to more easily contact the business.

cleaning company seo ranking top spot for janitorial keywords
Top Spot Ranking For Branded Keywords

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Passive Lead Gen For Janitorial Supply Company

Southern Cleaning Supply enjoyed extra benefits by generating passive leads from their investment. Since the domain was very old it had accrued significant trust with search engines. Between the age of the domain, and the SEO tactics implemented by Tortoise and Hare, this Janitorial Supply Company was able to outrank the primary a competitor across town for desirable keywords relating to cleaning suppliers despite their competitor having an eCommerce store and much more developed website.

They were able to generate search impressions in the top 10 for over 80 keywords including desirable phrases like:

  • janitorial supplies
  • panama cleaning supplies
  • janitorial supplies company
  • janitorial supplies near me
  • chemical supply companies near me

Through SEO, Southern Cleaning Supply was able to generate approximately 25 inbound inquiries passively throughout the 2019 year, close new accounts, and generate new revenues from the online channel. With the release of the new website we were able to grow their organic clicks from search from 49 clicks in 2018 to 572 in 2019. That’s 11 x growth in one year!

Wrapping It All Up

This janitorial supply company was able to generate a lot of bang for their digital marketing buck through a new marketing website and SEO. Their aged domain and investment into SEO for their target services areas resulted in an effective local SEO campaign that was able to strengthen relationships with existing customers, referrals, and was able to generate leads passively through the online channel.

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