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Discover product market fit, find the right mix of marketing channels, and scale your revenues with our marketing strategy consulting services.

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Develop Your Marketing Strategy

If you've been sinking too much time and money into DIY marketing, failed agencies, and salespeople that aren't producing, then it's time to take a look at your marketing strategy.  Hiring a marketing strategy consultant can help you validate the approach your taking to acquire customers for your business and give you a second opinion on where things are going wrong and what can be improved.  Tortoise and Hare Software is a digitally savvy MBA led provider of marketing strategy consulting.  Marketing is what we do all day every day and we know how to get the job done right.

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Flesh Out Your Ideal Customer Profile

A critical piece of developing a successful marketing strategy is to create and ideal customer profile.  You may know your customer like the back of your hand, but do your new employees?  Does your agency? Will your next CMO?  Developing ICP and buyer personas is a great way to solidify your marketing strategy and onboard new employees and vendors quickly.

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Refine Your Messaging

An important part of connecting with your ideal prospects and resonating with them in a digital sense is to use their language!  We can help you research the conversations being had online about what you sell and develop appropriate messaging that resonates with your buyer.  Our conversion copywriting analysts have deep experience crafting compelling sales copy to convince your prospects to contact you.

Develop Your Market Positioning

Are you positioning your services correctly?  Is local targeting appropriate? By service? By price point? By industry vertical? We can help you analyze your market positioning and look for opportunities to position your services as the best choice for your prospective customer base.

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Featured Case Studies

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