Content Marketing Services

content marketing services

Monthly Blog Writing

Creating content for the web is an extremely important part of a modern digital marketing strategy, especially for providers of intangible services like law and IT services. Content marketing is one of many integrated digital marketing services that comprise a successful digital marketing strategy but is one of the most important.

Content marketing is using content in many forms to attract users to visit your website and engage with your brand and will be your primary driver of organic traffic. Keep in mind that creating content that succeeds on the web is much different than what garners attention in other domains such as print media. This is one of the main reasons companies engage firms to handle their content creation.

Certain publishing outlets such as blogs need to be updated regularly to retain their authority in search engines. This means that content should be published at regular intervals which isn’t always feasible for some businesses. Tax accountants for example may be unable to make their monthly blog post in March and April as a flood of procrastinating filers ring the phone. This makes a great opportunity to place and order for content creation.

Tortoise and Hare Software offers monthly blog writing services we handle everything from:

  • Topic selection and content strategy
  • Content writing
  • Publishing to your blog
  • Optimizing your posts for SEO
  • Choosing and providing stock photos to enhance your posts
  • Creating social teaser videos to help promote your posts

Writing For The Web

Writing content that is created for the web has certain considerations that don’t exist when writing a newsletter or an email. Some considerations that play in content writing are:

  • Number of hyperlinks (internal and external)
  • Keywords the content is targeting
  • Headings
  • Readability
  • Keyword density
  • Number of Images
  • Length or word count
  • Paragraph length

And those are just a sample of search engine optimization considerations!

Writing content articles, product pages, donation solicitation pages, service descriptions or anything else still needs to have a target audience and be captivating. The web has the fun challenge of overcoming extremely short attention spans which means content needs to incorporate multiple media and a way for visitors to continue taking action to engage with your brand. If your content marketing efforts aren’t quite generating the results you need, you may be neglecting one or more of these areas and engaging a firm for content marketing services or training can be a great way to super charge your marketing efforts.

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