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Active Management Of Your Google Ads Account To Expand Reach And Increase Conversions

Account Management Highlights

2020 was an amazing year and we helped our clients leverage the power of paid search to grow their B2B technology companies.  We generated free trials, demo requests, phone calls, contact forms, and qualified leads to fuel our clients growth. Here are some of the highlights.

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Ad Spend Managed



Some Of The Amazing Brands We've Worked With

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About Google Ads Management Services

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Google Advertising For B2B Tech

google ads management services

Digital advertising is an essential component of a successful marketing program for any technology company. Customers often know their problem, but rarely their solution. One of the most effective methods of digital advertising is to capture peoples attention when they are searching and gathering information on relevant providers.

Major search engines such as Google and Bing offer this opportunity through their advertising platforms. These platforms are complex and changing constantly, along with the market, your competitors, and the purchasers themselves. What worked yesterday doesn't necessarily work today and it's important to have an experienced account manager at the helm adjusting your configuration settings, keywords, and ad copy. These activities can have a meaningful effect on the results generated that will absorb the cost of an account manager when compared to running ads without one.

Google Ads Management Services


Advertise at the top of search results on the Google Search Network.


Reach over 90% of the internet by advertising on the Google Display Network (GDN).


Advertise on one of the most popular streaming video services in the world.

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Google Ads Management Pricing

For monthly expenditures lower than $2,500/month, we charge a flat management fee of $500/month in order to cover baseline maintenance and optimization activities. For expenditures greater than $2,500/month we charge a management fee of 20% of ad spend.



Tortoise and Hare Software has established the foundation and executed on the analytical strategy with our Ads account that we have been wanting to implement for years! Within the first few months we have seen an overall increase in conversions as well as more effeciency with a lower cost per acquisition.

- CEO ECommerce SaaS Provider

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Should I Work With A Google Ads Management Agency?

Google Ads is often a fantastic fit for companies that already have an established brand, a refined website, a clear value proposition, and enticing offers to present to customers.  Google Ads helps connect your business to new prospects and generate leads to scale up the size of your company faster than relying on purely organic means.

If your company has not previously invested in the creation of a quality website designed for lead generation and does not have an established brand, or offers Google Ads may not be a fit for you.  It is certainly possible to work around these problems with standalone landing pages but our customers that get the best results have these items in place.

We can offer you strategy consulting to help iron out many these issues and refer you to an appropriate branding agency or assist with the build of a quality website if Google Ads is not quite a fit yet.

What Does An Account Manager Do?

Google Ads management services help business owners navigate the challenging landscape of paid search marketing.  Google Ads is a cost effective way to advertise products and services on the internet.  Working with a pay per clicks services provider has many advantages over attempting the do it your self route.  Pay per click services providers can help you:

  • Develop high performing account strategies
  • Choose appropriate keywords to bid on
  • Help you navigate the math behind google ads success
  • Increase your quality scores and save you money
  • Ensure your campaigns are generating impressions
  • Reach the right customers through campaign targeting
  • Select the right geo-targeting
  • Choose the correct ad schedule (days and times)
  • Select the appropriate demographic characteristics
  • Create effective adds that generate clicks
  • Set up conversion tracking in your analytics

What these services roll up to is maximization of return on your advertising spend. It’s very easy to create ineffective campaigns that convince unqualified traffic to click on your advertisements.  This can rack up advertising costs without driving any new business which can be frustrating to say the least.  Campaigns can also be set up such that they never generate any impressions or clicks which can also be frustrating and cause abandonment of on of the most cost effective advertising methods available.  If either of these situations apply to you it might be a good time to engage the help of a Google Ads management agency.

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