Marketing Retainer Packages

Many of our customers find the constraints of purchasing a specific service such as monthly pay per click management to be confining and want a more flexible arrangement where we can help them out with an assortment of tasks, without the need to approve a quote each time a new need arises.  In these situations it often makes more sense to move to monthly hours model. We've created several monthly hours retainer packages for common needs in the marketplace. Retainer packages come at a $25/hr discount compared to our standard hourly rate.


$1,000 / Mo.

  • 8 hrs
  • No Rollover
  • 15 min increments


$3,000 / Mo.

  • 24 hrs
  • No Rollover
  • 15 min increments


$10,000 / Mo.

  • 80 hrs
  • No Rollover
  • 15 min increments
dash the hare, tortoise and hare software

Dash Package

Our Dash package is a great fit for small businesses with minimal needs around photo editing, graphic design, pay per click management, or strategy development support. Great for supplementing internal efforts.

megabyte the tortoise, tortoise and hare software

Megabyte Package

Our Megabyte package is a great fit for businesses that need additional help with strategy, content develop, running advertising campaigns, development of landing pages, and establishment of a lead generation pipeline. 

aesop illustration tortoise and hare software

Aesop Package

Our Aesop package is a good fit for higher volume businesses with regular lead flow that need help managing an integrated marketing ecosystem.  Get help from a marketing technology integration partner to help get the most out of your campaigns.

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