Free 60 Day Digital Lead Generation Crash Course

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Online Lead Generation Crash Course
For B2B Tech Companies

Walk through the journey of launching a digital marketing program to build an online lead generation pipeline in this twice weekly email course spanning 60 days.

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  • Subscription Confirmation
  • Company Introduction
  • What To Expect Over The Duration Of The Course
  • Defining The Marketing Problem
  • Setting A Budget
  • Defining Your ICP
  • Researching Your ICP Online
  • Importance Of Traffic Volume
  • Website Quality Importance
  • Laying Performance Measurement Foundations
  • Vetting Your Website's Home Page
  • Expanding Your Website's Core Landing Pages
  • Launching A Paid Search Program
  • Moving Into Demand Generation
  • Creating Lead Magnets
  • Nurturing Leads With Email Marketing
  • Case Studies & Offers
  • Wrap Up