Doing Business With Tortoise and Hare Software

Doing business with Tortoise and Hare Software couldn't be easier. Our sales process typically looks like:

  • Contact us for an initial discovery call
  • We send you a PowerPoint based proposal
  • We answer any follow up questions you may have
  • We get started delivering great work

We know your busy and looking for the help of a dependable provider that makes your life easier and saves you time. We aim to make our processes fluid and easy to navigate. No long term contracts, no credit checks, no background screening, no drug tests, no back-flips.

Payment Of Fees For Services

We use electronic invoicing through QuickBooks. Simply provide us an email address to send the invoice and we will send you an email with a link to the electronic invoice. You can pay the invoice via credit card or via bank transfer.

Types of Engagements

Our work is typically broken out into fixed fee projects and retainer service agreements with rare exceptions for hourly services on an as needed basis.

Fixed Fee Projects

Fixed fee projects are one time, fixed scope projects agreed upon in advance. Tortoise and Hare Software follows a 50/50 model unless otherwise agreed upon. That means 50% of the project fee is due at project start, and the remaining 50% is due at project completion.

Projects with larger scope and capital outlays may use a milestone billing approach. Milestones and billing schedules must be agreed upon in advance.

Retainer Services Agreements

Many of our clients tend to work with us on a recurring monthly basis. Monthly retainers and their components are agreed upon in advance and retainer fees are due at the beginning of the month that services are to be rendered.

Although we have no long term contracts, cancellation notices must be provided no less than one month prior to cancellation. If you intended to cancel in April , then you must notify us by the beginning of March.


Our regular business hours are 9AM-5PM eastern standard time. Any communication outside of this window will be addressed the next business day. We communicate primarily through email and scheduled phone calls.