Google Analytics 4 Consulting

Get Your GA4 Instance Deployed Quickly And Accurately
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Google Analytics 4 Consulting Services

Are you ready to clean up your GA4 instance and are seeking the help of a Google Analytics 4 consultant?  Tortoise and Hare can help.  Our team can help you clean up your web analytics instance, integrate your marketing toolset, and help you get better visibility into your online lead generation efforts.

GA4 Deployments

We can help you deploy GA4 to your site quickly and easily via a Google Tag Manager deployment. We can help you configure your GA4 instance for optimal data collection and reporting capability.  Where GA4 falls short we can also help you develop Looker Studio reports for easier executive reporting or help you develop custom explorations.

Conversion Tracking

Measure conversions and the performance of your marketing efforts with conversion tracking for Google Analytics 4. We can help you measure conversions like:

  • Form Submits
  • Newsletter Subscriptions
  • Phone Calls
  • Lead Magnet Downloads
  • Social Media Page Visits
  • Chat Starts
  • Page Scrolls
  • Link Clicks
  • Time On Site
  • Other High Intent Visits
  • And More!

Take advantage of our GA4 consulting services to get your key event tags deployed right.

Custom GA4 Events

Struggling with measure a particular event on your website and need to write some custom JavaScript in order to capture and send data to a platform.  Reach out and see if we can help you write the JS you need. We have written event listeners for things like JavaScript based form submits and live chat starts.

Who Are GA4 Consulting Services For?

Our primary customer segment is managed IT service providers, but we have a documented history of servicing 7 and 8 figure B2B tech organizations, and venture funded startups.


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We offer free 1-hour digital marketing consultations via a Microsoft Teams video conference to discuss your pain points and determine if Tortoise and Hare Software is the right fit for you.

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