MSP Marketing Company Comparison:
Robin Robins And The Technology Marketing Toolkit Vs.
Tortoise and Hare Software

Robin Robins

  • Very expensive
  • Focused on high-volume MSPs
  • White label content
  • Your MSP stays undifferentiated and sounds the same
  • You aren't building a brand
  • You still have to do a lot of work on marketing internally
  • Relying on legacy marketing techniques
  • Most of the value comes from peer networking groups
  • Very ineffective if multiple MSPs are using it in the same GEO
  • Content focuses on fear-mongering and scare tactics

Tortoise and Hare Software

  • Competitive pricing
  • Focused on mid-market MSPs
  • Bespoke content creation
  • Personalized to your brand
  • You are building brand equity
  • Done for you MSP marketing services
  • Using modern digital marketing tactics
  • Differentiated marketing to help you build durable growth
  • Not MSP exclusive.  Cross industry perspective with cybersecurity and SaaS
  • Content focuses on the value of working with an MSP so you can charge more

What Does The MSP Market Say About Robin Robins?

Are you shopping for MSP marketing companies and looking to gain a better understanding of how Tortoise and Hare Software stacks up in the market to some of the msp marketing industry competitors?  Get a better feel for how Tortoise and Hare Software stacks up against Robin Robbins and the Technology Marketing Toolkit.

Check out a few of these Reddit Threads discussing Robin Robbins effectiveness in the marketplace.

If you peruse through the comments you'll see a lot of mixed reviews.  If you spend any time googling around to find MSP marketing competitors you'll definitely stumble across Robin Robins or the technology marketing toolkit.  It would be hard not to because her set of digital properties is like a fire hose of content that's been soaking the internet for decades.  In fact a lot of people like to joke about how some of the content on her website features pictures of marketing materials on CDs.

It seems pretty clear from reading the comments of other MSP owners that have bought into the "cult" is that the most valuable thing that is provided is her producers club which is a very expensive MSP owners club that tend to exchange referrals and business.  There aren't many business owners that wouldn't benefit from gaining access to face time with high volume competitors in their industry in order to exchange tips and referrals though.  But is that marketing?  If networking with peers is what you need, join the TechTribe instead.

From a marketing standpoint though the approach is similar to many other MSP marketing competitors.  Provide white label content that MSP owners can use to post/mail/publish.  If there's more than one competitor using the system in your town, then you'll fail to stand out and the effectiveness of the content will decline.  Plus you aren't really outsourcing marketing at that point to develop your own brand.  Your just paying the same price it would cost to hire a content writer so that you can sound the same as a bunch of other MSPs in the nation. You aren't building your own brand, you aren't becoming a thought leader, and your positioning your company as a commodity.  Prepare to get beat up on rates.

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