MSP Marketing Company Comparison:
Pronto Marketing Vs. Tortoise and Hare Software

Pronto Marketing

  • Low-Cost marketing team based out of the Philippines
  • Best fit for smaller MSPs not focused on digital marketing
  • Heavy use of templated websites and syndicated content
  • Your MSP stays undifferentiated and sounds the same
  • You aren't building a brand
  • You still have to do a lot of work on marketing internally
  • Very ineffective if multiple competing MSPs are using them
  • No longer focused on the MSP sector
  • Licensed website and content solution that you don't "own" when you stop paying

Tortoise and Hare Software

  • Competitive pricing
  • Focused on mid-market MSPs
  • Bespoke content creation
  • Personalized to your brand
  • You are building brand equity
  • Done for you MSP marketing services
  • Using modern digital marketing tactics
  • Differentiated marketing to help you build durable growth
  • Focused on the technology sector

How Pronto Marketing Fits In

Pronto marketing is a quality low-cost provider of MSP website solutions and syndicated marketing content. They can be a solid option for MSPs in the 5-15 employee range where there is a little bit of marketing budget, and a little bit of investable time by internal resources at the company for manual website promotion.  Many MSPs have used them in the earlier stages of their growth journey with success.  MSPs with bigger ambitions and bigger budgets will likely find Pronto's marketing services inadequate for building a more scalable marketing operation and a more durable brand.

For companies that have their sites set on scaling to 10MM ARR and beyond a more customized marketing solution will be more effective.

It's important to note that although Pronto got their start working with MSPs, they have recently re-positioned as a website management company for WordPress. It's unclear how this will affect their MSP marketing service capabilities and options.

A few discussions on Reddit about Pronto:

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