MSP Marketing Company Comparison:
Paul Greens MSP Marketing
Tortoise and Hare Software

Paul Greens MSP Marketing

  • Best fit for small startup MSPs
  • Social Media Focused
  • White label content
  • One MSP per GEO, you may not be eligible
  • Your MSP stays undifferentiated and sounds the same
  • You aren't building a brand
  • You still have to do a lot of work on marketing internally
  • Does not scale, can only work to grow you so far.
  • Potential to butt up against duplicate marketing content in regional competition

Tortoise and Hare Software

  • Focused on up and coming mid-market MSPs
  • Multi-channel integrated marketing
  • Bespoke content creation
  • Personalized to your brand
  • You are building brand equity
  • Done for you MSP marketing services
  • Differentiated marketing to help you build durable growth
  • Not MSP exclusive.  Cross industry perspective with cybersecurity and SaaS
  • Content focuses on the value of working with an MSP so can charge more
  • Personalized advisory component

Understanding How Paul Greens MSP Marketing Fits And The MSP Marketing Edge Fit In

Paul Greens MSP Marketing, like several MSP marketing competitors, is primarily a white label content provider for startup MSPs and smaller organizations.  They are very social media focused and rely mostly on organic reach of your posting efforts.  While these tactics can be effective, organic reach on many popular social media platforms is declining as advertising becomes more important and more widely adopted.

Paul Greens MSP Marketing also known as the MSP Marketing Edge was built mostly on the visibility of founder Paul Green through organic social posting when Facebook was still a viable organic marketing channel.  Social media is still an important channel for MSPs, but these days generating business on social media is more so about building a personal brand and personal connections than posting generic tech content on company and brand pages (as Paul himself so elegantly demonstrates). Don't expect to move mountains when using a provider like this.

That's not to say posting content isn't important, just that it's not a viable path to build a high volume MSP and scaling your sales to the point where your business becomes valuable enough for a potential sale.  You need to tackle other more important methods like digital advertising and SEO.  That said, Paul Greens MSP Marketing And The MSP Marketing Edge can provide a lot of value for startup MSPs and smaller MSPs just looking to stay top of mind and do whatever they can to keep referrals flowing.

If you've crossed the 10-20 employee mark and have over 1MM in annual recurring revenue, you're better off tackling the marketing challenge by working to build a proper marketing engine.

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