Junior Technical Content Marketer

Location: Jacksonville FL (Remote with occasional in-person meetings)


Job Description: Tortoise and Hare Software provides online marketing solutions for business to business (B2B) technology companies including information technology companies, software companies, and cybersecurity companies.

The junior technical content marketer will work under the direction of a lead to support the business development and online marketing efforts of client businesses. This is an entry-level position with no experience required.

The pay rate for this position is $15/hr with 20-40hrs per week with opportunity for advancement based on performance.

The candidate will spend time familiarizing themselves with client businesses and current technology trends in order to create marketing content to attract prospective buyers.  The junior technical content marketer will assist with creating content such as:

  • Blog post content
  • Social media content
  • Advertisement copy
  • Other content as needed

Candidate must be comfortable researching technical concepts and current technology trends in order to create quality content that educates prospective buyers for clients of Tortoise and Hare Software.

Candidates will customize pre-built design templates for graphics to supplement content items using Canva design software.

The candidate will participate in video calls in a note-taking capacity to learn more about client businesses and develop content outlines and content plans for marketing online. Candidates should be comfortable taking detailed notes and translating notes into content plans in collaboration with their lead.

Qualifications: Although this is an entry-level position with no experience required, qualified candidates will possess desirable attributes that indicate an aptitude for success such as:

  • Bachelor's degree in Information Technology or related STEM discipline or equivalent educational background or certifications.
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and video conferencing software (Teams, Zoom).
  • A history of creating content for the web.
  • Documented "side projects" in web design, web development, IT, or cybersecurity.
  • Writing samples that demonstrate proficiency with American English.

Ideal Candidates

Tortoise and Hare Software serves the technology sector.  Candidates with a familiarity with the tech sector and an enjoyment of technology with a demonstrated history of side projects or hobbies that relate to technology are a good fit.  We have a competitive spirit here and we like to help our clients win in the marketplace.  Candidates with a history in a competitive environment, such as team sports, debate, or intellectual competitions, are a good fit.

Why Work At Tortoise and Hare Software?

While working at Tortoise and Hare Software you'll get access to some of the most in-demand skills and clients that the marketplace has to offer.  Not only are digital marketing skills in demand, but our client base's work is comprised of a mix of Information Technology and Software Companies serving as market leaders in their respective spaces.  You'll get access to training and skillsets that will set you up for career success.