Hourly Marketing Services Rates

In cases of urgent need for tasks not covered under another form of agreement we offer hourly marketing services at blended hourly rate. A blended hourly rate means that the rate is the same regardless of the task.  There are no segmented rates for graphic design vs. web development. For ongoing needs for one off hourly projects, our marketing retainer packages provide more favorable pricing.


Current Hourly Rate


Hour Blocks

Many of our customers find the constraints of purchasing a specific service such as monthly pay per click management to be confining and want a more flexible arrangement where we can help them out with an assortment of tasks, without the need to approve a quote each time a new need arises.  In these situations it often makes more sense to move to monthly hours model. We've created several monthly hours retainer packages for common needs in the marketplace. Hour blocks come at a $25/hr discount compared to our standard hourly rate.


$1,000 / Mo.

  • 8 hrs
  • No Rollover
  • 15 min increments


$3,000 / Mo.

  • 24 hrs
  • No Rollover
  • 15 min increments


$10,000 / Mo.

  • 80 hrs
  • No Rollover
  • 15 min increments

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