Custom Application Development

An App For That

So you’ve learned how software solutions can automate processes, improve productivity of your staff, and allow you to increase your revenue per employee.  You’ve identified a need and the solutions on the market don’t seem like they are going to generate the return on investment your looking for.  Heck, maybe you’ve already purchased a commoditized product and found out after the fact that it’s not performing up to your expectations.  Business is still strong and the need for a solution is still ever present.  You’ve come to our site investigate the possibility of a custom built solution.  Well my friend you’ve come to the right place.  Leverage our deep technical expertise working on fortune 500 quality systems to develop a custom built application capable of handling concurrent users, large volumes of data, with minimal headaches and support every step of the way.

Eliminate Barriers To Growth

Ensure your contacting a vendor that is capable of building a system that won’t buckle under the load of growth.  Developing a sleek modern User Interface that can knock your socks off visually is one thing, but building a sophisticated volume-capable back end is another.  Make sure your application development vendor has enterprise development capabilities to ensure your mission critical application doesn’t bog down or worse go offline during a periods of growth and volume.

Note that systems can perform well initially with low amounts of data in the application.  As time progresses and the volume of data contained within the application grows systems built by teams of inexperienced developers will buckle and destroy customer or employee satisfaction.

Application Development Rescue

To The Rescue

Tortoise and Hare Software can come to the rescue for your application.  With our extensive experience integrating systems, troubleshooting performance problems, performing upgrades, and adding new features; existing custom applications can be rescued.  Salvage your investment with our custom application repair and replenishment capabilities.