Process Improvement

Time to Scale?

So you’re experiencing some growth.  Passing around printed paper with furiously scribbled notes while the phone rings off the hook isn’t quite cutting it anymore.  Late deliveries, missed appointments, customers requests are slipping through the cracks.  It’s time to take a look at what to do in terms of process improvement in order to scale the business better and eliminate future roadblocks to growth.  The great news is that modern technology can allow businesses to do more with less but sometimes it takes an outsiders perspective to understand the available tools, technologies, and strategies that can drive productivity.

Growth and Process Improvement

Gap Analysis

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail and that’s why our process improvement activities start with a Gap Analysis. First we start with a conversation about your goals, pain points, business needs, and desired timelines for moving from A to B. Next, in order to fill the gap we move on to a definition of the current state of affairs using a combination of:

  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Process observance and shadowing
  • Technical capabilities assessment
  • Data collection and inventory

Once we’ve got a clear picture of where things are at we look at:

  • Process improvement opportunities
  • Available technologies to boost productivity
  • Data driven decision making opportunities
  • What local competitors and market leaders are doing to address the same challenges
  • Differentiation opportunities for competitive advantage

Process Improvement Road-map

Of course businesses run on budgets and tackling weak points uncovered in a Gap Analysis aren’t addressable all at one time.  We can take process improvement consultations a step further by offering management consulting analysis to determine:

  • Road-map for implementation
  • Staff requirements
  • Contractor requirements
  • Training needs
  • Costs and benefits of implementation

No Risk Consultation

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