LinkedIn Training

Private 1 on 1 LinkedIn Training Sessions To Help You Be More Productive And Get The Most Value Out Of Time Spent On LinkedIn.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sessions are tailored to the needs of the individual session participant based on their needs and current skill level. Topics include:

  • Creating company pages
    • Optimizing graphics
    • Optimizing discoverability with copy and configuration settings
    • Building company page followers
    • What to post on company pages
    • How to maximize post reach
    • Bringing people to your website
  • Making new connections
    • How to conduct effective searches for new connections
    • Etiquette when making new connections
    • How to increase connection acceptance rates
    • Leveraging industry influencers to build connections
  • Creating Personal Profiles
    • Branding your profile with graphics 
    • Optimizing your profile for discoverability
    • Optimizing your profile for lead generation
    • Featuring content
  • Engaging On LinkedIn
    • What to post on personal profiles
    • How to maximize post visibility
    • Understanding Hashtags and how to use them
    • Curating your LinkedIn feed to be more productive
    • Best practices for building business relationships
    • Managing notifications to avoid distractions

Yes! Sessions are as much a working session as they are a training exercise.  We can create graphics for you and tweak them to look just how you'd like during our video call.

Sessions typically last 2-4 hours.

B2B buyers and sellers across a range of industries will benefit from LinkedIn training sessions.

Sessions are billed at current hourly rates ($150/hr) and typically last 2-4 hours.

Yes, we can offer group training.  Contact us to discuss pricing.

No, this service is not connected with or endorsed by LinkedIn. 

Meet Your LinkedIn Training Consultant

Hunter is the founder and president of Tortoise and Hare Software, a digital marketing agency for B2B technology companies. Hunter has more than 10 years’ experience building web applications and crafting digital strategies for companies ranging from scrappy startups to Fortune 50 household names. Hunter is a LinkedIn power user and marketing professional.

When not on the clock, you'll find him spending time with his family and pups, relaxing on the beach, or playing competitive online video games. See LinkedIn for more.

Hunter Nelson President of Tortoise and Hare Software